Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Update on project Gun-runner

ATF director Kenneth Melson
Last week i Wrote a little article on the mess going on with the ATF. Shortly after i wrote that news hit saying the director of the ATF would be resigning over this fiasco. Many media outlets ran with the story, i was waiting for it to be confirmed. Guess what i'm still waiting to write that article. Turns out Kenneth Melson has no plans to resign, and no one is going to charge him it appears. It's disgusting to see the good ol' boys club covering ass over a dead american, It's clear no one who is truly at fault will face any repercussions. So as become common in politics, there just going to let us forget and act like it didn't happen. Well, unless you were the SOB who let the media know about the whole Cluster, in that case your ass is Canned. Thats right, the American doing his job, trying to have the ATF be even somewhat accountable, is now one of the many unemployed Americans. I'm truly at a loss for words over this, between no resignations and the firing of whistle blowers makes it clear that what happened is "acceptable" in the minds of our people and president.

Vince Cefalu was the kind of agent we need more of. Accountable, independent, and not scared to speak out against the corruption that has become normalized in modern politics. He worked with the ATF for over 25 years, and is being canned for trying to make them a more accountable branch of our government. No doubt his contributing on Fox News didn't help his standing, We are granted the right to free speech. So for his great efforts making the ATF transparent, showing how it works for the people, he is now out of a job. He sounds like just the kinda fella we need more of in government, Probably why the got rid of him.
Vince Cefalu, via facebook.

Vince, Thank you for blowing the whistle on this subject, while the ATF might be pissed, the American people are pissed at the ATF. without you speaking out, who knows how many more guns we would "let walk" or how many more federal agents show up dead. Your actions show what a great man you are, even if they want to tell you different. We all know who really should be fired and facing criminal charges.